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Caitlyn Jones

Manager & Community Liason

Caitlyn is a coffee addict with a passion for serving others. Caitlyn is a board-certified music therapist who primarily works with adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities and adults and children with post-acute traumatic brain injuries. Caitlyn is excited to continue to grow relationships with the community over a shared love of coffee and Jesus (and maybe a little music too 😉)!

Abbie Hovater

Barista & Community Liason

Abbie is from Birmingham, Alabama. 
She moved to Texas in November to launch a church, and has a heart for mission work and building relationships with the next generation. Abbie has had a love for coffee since she was a child, and her favorite coffee drink is a Shot in the Dark!

Brittany Cowie

Owner & Missions Coordinator

Brittany is from California and she ownes the shop with her husband Tyler. They met in magnolia, TX at a church where Brittany was presenting on her ministry at the time. She is a wife and loves community through the coffee shop, church and friends. Brittany loves the Lord and has a huge heart for people. The kind of heart that leaves you feeling like life long friends. 
(Thats probably why her husband fell in love with her. 😉Love you Brit!)


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